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Best Oral Award

The 14th Asian Congress of Nutrition (ACN) is pleased to announce the Best Oral Award. This award will be conferred upon the top six exceptional presentations at the conference, as selected by the committee.

The selection process will be fair and comprehensive, and presentations will be evaluated based on a set of general criteria. These criteria include the relevance and significance of the research topic to the field of nutrition, the clarity and coherence of the research objectives, methodology, and outcomes, the quality and rigor of the research design and data analysis, the novelty and innovation of the findings, and the effectiveness of the presentation delivery, including visual aids and audience engagement.

The recipients of this award will have captivated the audience with their innovative findings, articulated their ideas clearly and effectively, and contributed significantly to the advancement of the nutrition field. We encourage all participants to deliver their best presentations and contribute to the vibrant exchange of knowledge and ideas at the 14th ACN.

The oral presentation winners will be recognized publicly at the end of the congress. Recipients of the Best Oral Award will be recognized publicly and honored with a certificate, symbolizing their remarkable achievements and contributions to the field.

We wish all participants the best of luck in the selection process and look forward to the exciting presentations at the 14th ACN.