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Concurrent Symposia

Nutrition & Sustainable Development

Research on sustainable food systems; 

Health and nutrition in the global environment; 

Food insecurity and food safety; 

Technology and the future of nutrition.

Symposia Under This Theme
  • Food as Medicine: Inheritance and Innovation
  • Addressing Obesity: Transforming Science into Actions
  • Healthy Food City Symposium – Co-creating Urban Food Solutions for the Future Residents Foundational Nutrition: A Comprehensive Approach to Optimize the Holistic Health
  • Foundational Nutrition: A Comprehensive Approach to Optimize the Holistic Health
  • Novel Nutrient Profiling Systems for the Rich Asian Food Culture
  • 16th National Congress of Nutritional Sciences "Feeding the Future by Sustainable Nutrition"

  • Public Health Nutrition

    Research on nutrition policies, regulations and standards; 

    Nutritional epidemiology; 

    Community nutrition; 

    Nutrition and health management.

    Symposia Under This Theme
  • International Nutrition Policy Summit
  • Public Nutrition and Population Health: Cohort, Surveillance and Interventions
  • Bridging the Gap: Nutritional Strategies for Obesity Prevention and Management
  • Nutrition for Community Health
  • Low Sodium Salt Intervention: Science, Policy, and Health Impact
  • Making a Difference in Public Health Nutrition in Southeast Asia
  • Science-based Health Claim in Foods
  • FAO Food Systems-Based Dietary Guidelines (FSBDGs) Methodology: Principles, Approach, Country Experiences and Future Directions
  • Rethink Protein Needs and Micronutrients Fortification in Asia – Perspectives on Nutrition & Health, Innovation and Regulation Session 1: Protein for Health and Sustainable Solution
  • Rethink Protein Needs and Micronutrients Fortification in Asia – Perspectives on Nutrition & Health, Innovation and Regulation Session 2: Food Fortification for Improved Nutrition and Health – Strategies, Success and Challenges

  • Basic Nutrition Research

    Research on the function and metabolism of macronutrients and micronutrients;

    Dietary reference intakes (DRIs); nutrition and immunology; 

    Nutrition and the microbiome; nutritional assessment and technology; 

    Nutrients and sensory analysis.

    Symposia Under This Theme
  • Advancing the Science of DRIs: Reevaluating Existing DRIs and Identifying Future Needs
  • New Insights of Carbohydrate Quality and Human Health -- Asia Pacific Symposium 2023
  • Navigating Micronutrients: From Science to Practice
  • From Plates to Microbes: How Nutrition Influences the Human Microbiota and Health
  • From Diet to Dementia: Investigating the Role of Nutrition in Brain Health
  • Vitamin K2 (MK-7) Clinical Research Progress
  • Nattokinase from Basic Clinical Research to Foundational Discovery
  • Nucleotides Research: Function and Application
  • A Life Time of Opportunity - Connection of Oligosaccharides and Gut Microbiota
  • Gut Health Revolution: Exploring Ingredient Innovation and Scientific Advancements
  • Fatty Acid Composition and Human Nutrition: Current Knowledge and Future Perspectives
  • Nutrition Sciences and Technological Innovation

  • Food & Nutrition

    Research on food composition and analysis;

    Healthy diet patterns; phytochemicals;

    Food cultures and behavior; 

    Food and nutrition big data.

    Symposia Under This Theme
  • Food, Big Data and Nutrition
  • Dairy Nutrition and Health: New Evidence, Discovery, and Direction
  • Phytonutrient and senior wellness: Can phytonutrients play a role in expanding healthy lifespan?
  • Goat Milk Nutrition and Application
  • The Food of Tomorrow - Beneficial Components from Microorganisms
  • Special Foods and Well-being: Balancing Safety and Functionality (Health Supplements, Medical Foods, Infant Foods)
  • Processing for Nutrition: Enhancing Food Quality and Nutritional Value
  • Scientifical Evidence Based Gut Health: From Gut to Holistic Health
  • Human Milk Oligosaccharides - From Science to Industry
  • Nut Consumption and the Prevention of Prevalent Diseases/Conditions
  • Sustainable Nutrition: The Future and Development of Goat Milk

  • Nutrition Across the Lifespan

    Research on nutrient requirements during pregnancy and lactation; 

    Nutrition for infants, toddlers, children,and adolescents;

    Nutrition and healthy aging; Sports nutrition; 

    Vegan and vegetarian nutrition.

    Symposia Under This Theme
  • Healthy Aging and Edible Oil Application
  • Nutrition and Cognition in Early Life
  • Nutrition Innovation and Health Management of Dairy through the Lifespan
  • Early Life Nutrition and Childhood Development
  • New Progress of Maternal and Child Nutrition
  • Optimizing Health and Performance: The Role of Nutrition in Exercise and Sports
  • The Science of Aging: Nutritional Approaches for Healthy Aging
  • Key Nutritional Health Issues of School Children

  • Nutrition Education

    Research on the transfer of nutrition information;factors that affect dietary behaviors; 

    effects of nutrition knowledge on behavior change; behavioral interventions to improve health; 

    the development and testing of effective and efficient nutrition education materials; nutrition counseling; nutrition and dietetics education; professional development for nutrition professionals.

    Symposia Under This Theme
  • Nutrition Education: Practice from a Global Perspective
  • Scientific Writing for Publication
  • Dietitian Development and Future Diet Innovation Forum
  • Empowering Tomorrow's Nutrition Leaders: The Young Scholars Forum on Innovative Nutrition and Health Research

  • Clinical Nutrition

    Research on nutrition and diabetes, obesity,oncology, and other chronic diseases;

    Medical nutrition therapy;

    Nutrition assessment, diagnosis, and treatment; 

    Enteral and parenteral nutrition.

    Symposia Under This Theme
  • The Future of Clinical Nutrition: Groundbreaking Discoveries and Future Directions
  • Optimizing Cancer Care: Standardized Nutritional Management for Improved Patient Outcomes
  • Research Progress of Nutrition and Diabetes: from Basic to Clinic
  • New Advances in Clinical Application of FSMP and Registered Dietitian Professional Practice
  • Nutrition Innovation for Clinical Demand: Research and Development Perspectives
  • Latest Trends in Early Life Special Nutrition Solutions

  • Precision Nutrition

    Research on nutrient-gene interactions;

    Nutrition and metabolomics; 


    Nutrition and translational medicine;

    Symposia Under This Theme
  • Personalized Nutrition Through Omics: A Frontier in Health and Wellness
  • Nutritional Needs and Practice on Personalized Nutrition
  • Precision Nutrition: Collaborative Innovation from Scientific Research to Industry
  • Personalized solution based on Evidence-based research on caffeine and health